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December 21, 2007

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Gateshead Libraries membership form
Please answer all of the relevant questions on this form. Some of the entries are mandatory (boxes with a tick beside them) and will need to be completed.

When you have filled out your details click submit to complete the form.


First name


Date of birth

Please enter the day,month and year you were born
Home address

Please provide us with your home address. If you are a temporary resident of the U.K. please enter the address at which you are staying, but remember to bring proof of your name and permanent address when collecting your card.

Email address

Telephone number

Please provide us with a contact telephone number, including area code
Mobile phone number

Library Information Service

Please tick this box if you would like to be informed of library reservations etc. via the library text service.
Internet access

Would you like to sign up for use of our free internet access. You can use the internet in any library for up to 90 minutes per day.
Card collection point

Please choose a branch of Gateshead Libraries to collect your card from.




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What’s On
What’s On
You can find regional music listings in our What’s On guide.

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