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November 01, 2006

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Programme Five

Forster Charlton Tapes

Throughout the 1960s Forster Charlton, himself a piper and fiddle player of some note, made a large collection of reel-to-reel tape recordings of Northumbrian pipers, playing at competitions, gatherings and other events. This programme features selections from Forster Charlton himself, dueting with Colin Caisley, as well as Diana Blackett Ord, George Atkinson, Joe Hutton and Richard Flemming.

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Programme Five - Playlist

  1. Lambshaws fancy, Noble Squire Dacre, Salmon tails, Herd on the hill, Sweet Hesleyside, Buttered peas, Proudlocks hornpipe - Forster Charlton and Colin Caisley
  2. Waters of Tyne, Keel row - Forster Charlton and Colin Caisley
  3. Corn riggs, Harvest home, Boys of Bluehill, Derry hornpipe - Diana Blackett Ord
  4. Sweet Hesleyside, Proudlocks hornpipe, Redesdale hornpipe - George Atkinson
  5. Hexham races, Atholl Highlanders, Masons apron - George Atkinson
  6. Bonny North Tyne, Alston Flower Show, Saddle the pony - Joe Hutton
  7. Whittingham Green Lane, Buttered peas - Richard Flemming
All selections digitally remastered from original archive recordings for the FARNE project, (c) FARNE Project 2002-2004




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