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December 21, 2007

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Programme Seven
Billy Pigg Trio - (Billy Pigg, Foster Charlton & John Doonan)

In this rare and unheard recording, made by Tony Wilson some time in the 1960s, we hear Northumbrian piper Billy Pigg, in the company of Irish piccolo player John Doonan and Northumbrian fiddler and fellow piper Foster Charlton, playing a rare folk club appearance at the Marsden Inn, South Shields. The level of musicianship is stunning. The solo contributions from Billy Pigg and John Doonan are a joy to behold and the obvious delight of those who were privileged to witness the event is evident in the enthusiastic response of the audience at the end of each number. Also on the recording we hear two contributions from concertina player Alistair Anderson and those with a careful ear can just pick out the voice of Johnny Handle shouting encouragement from the crowd.

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Programme Seven - Playlist

  1. Boulavogue/Haste To The Wedding/Irish washer Woman - Billy Pigg Trio
  2. Crooked Bawbee/Bill Chaltons Fancy - Billy Pigg
  3. Cooley's Reel/Silver Spear - John Doonan
  4. Coolin/Father Kelly's/One Horned Sheep - Billy Pigg trio
  5. Madame Bonaparte - Billy Pigg Trio
  6. Meggy's Foot - Alistair Anderson
  7. Lord Huntley's Cave (Scott Skinner) - Alistair Anderson
  8. Lark in the Clear Air/King of the Pipers/Father O'Flynn - Billy Pigg Trio
  9. Skye Crofters - Billy Pigg
  10. Dargai - Billy Pigg
  11. Nae Luck Aboot th' House/Happy Hours - Billy Pigg
  12. Gentle maiden/Last of the Twins/Rosewood - Billy Pigg Trio
  13. Swallow's Tail - Billy Pigg Trio
All selections digitally remastered from original archive recordings for the FARNE project, (c) FARNE Project 2002-2004



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