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November 02, 2005

:: Radio FARNE

Radio FARNE features collections of selected items from the FARNE archive based around a particular theme. Some are collections of recordings or concerts; others are full interviews. Playback is available in Mp3 or Real Audio format. Because it plays in it's own stand alone player you can browse and listen at the same time. You can play Radio FARNE programmes while you run other programmes. You can even listen while you work.

If you select the Mp3 option playback will be through Windows Media Player or any other Mp3 player that you have set as default.

If you select the RealAudio option the programme will play in your RealOne Player. If you do not have RealOne Player, follow the link bellow to download.

All programmes are available in both formats. We will be changing programmes on a regular basis, so be sure to keep coming back.

To download free RealPlayer click here.

Radio Programmes
Old songs for new times
A lecture by Sandra Kerr on the contemporary relevance of traditional songs.

Programme Five
Forster Charlton Tapes

Programme Four
Billy Pigg - the Forster Charlton Tapes

Programme Three
Will Atkinson and Friends

Programme Two
Jack Elliott

Programme One
Phil Ranson Recordings

Programme Twelve
Interview with George Hepple

Programme Eleven
Interview with Ada Reed

Programme Ten
Interview with Will Atkinson and Willy Taylor

Programme Nine
Joe Hutton, Bay Folk Club, Cullercoats, 8th April 1979.

Programme Eight
Willy Taylor, Billy Atkinson, Joe Hutton and George Hepple - Wallsend Concert

Programme Seven
Billy Pigg Trio

Programme Six
Billy Pigg and Friends



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