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August 06, 2007

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Radio Britfolk goes live

It's Radio Britfolk, dear!

Radio Britfolk is a new and exciting internet radio station for folk music. Developed by a group of pro folk musicians aims to become a major hub and world-wide shop window for all the folk music of these islands.

Imagine an on-line folk festival - with 'main stage' shows (like other radio stations, but with a theme or story to tell), session-type shows, (show-casing lesser-known music and artists, often with a strong local slant), and workshop shows (how to play an instrument etc) available 24 hours a day, offering a balance of traditional and new music from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England and beyond, with all genres and styles represented.

Until July 1st, it can only broadcast unlicensed music, and not all the features are complete, but they will soon be playing 10-20 hours of music a day, with the schedule changing every week.

There are listings pages, an online shop/links page, message board, reviews and more. You can become a member (and access the more exciting features), you can make a show yourself (programmes can be put together anywhere in the world, following guides and scripts available from the site), you can sponsor various parts of the site, and even post your own album tracks on the Billboard (all other programming is strictly controlled to BBC standards).

Programmes are currently presented by well-known musicians and established broadcasters, but they encourage anyone with a good idea to get involved. Give it a listen, read the FAQs, have a good browse round, and see how you'd like to be part of it!


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Young Musician's performances at The Sage Gateshead
Schools out for summer, but not before Young Musicians perform their end of term celebratory concerts!

Book now for Folkworks Summer Schools 2007
Bookings have now opened for the popular Folkworks Junior (15th-18th August), Adult and Youth Summer Schools (13th - 18th August)

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Free Tours to the James Hill sculpture
Come on a tour to this beautiful memorial sculpture!

Invitation to Programme Launch for the Key Stage 2 Music CPD Programme
Please join us for free wine, music and information... here in ExploreMusic

Grand Winter Northumbrian Concert
Stars of the local traditional music world will gather to raise funds for the 40th Northumbrian Gathering

African American Song & Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries
New to Gateshead Libraries, we now also subscribe to these fascinating online collections

New artwork commemorates North East fiddler James Hill
One of the region's most influential musicians

New folk festival on its way
In the heart of Northumberland National Park


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