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October 27, 2004

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Joe Wilson

Joe Wilson in 'Geordy, haud the bairn'.

Joe Wilson, was born in Newcastle on the 29th November, 1841. At the age of fourteen Wilson joined a printers firm where he was able to indulge his love of song writing, three years later publishing his first song book. By the age of twenty-five the songwrite was touring Ned Corvan's old circuit, entertaining the crowds with his songs of domestic life. It was with songs such as 'Aw wish yor muther wad cum' and 'Dinnet clash the door' that Wilson founded his success. By the time Thomas Allan issued his fourth edition of Tyneside songs, most of Wilson's songs had been published and Allan had finally gained control of the copyright. After a short stint as the landlord of the Adelaide Hotel in 1871 Wilson returned to concert life, but sadly died shortly after at the age of thirty-three.

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