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March 24, 2007

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Welcome to Caedmon Folk and the Caedmon Folk online community where you can download the latest Caedmon Folk Newsletters, check term dates, see what's coming up at Caedmon Plus, get the latest news on residentials and other special events, and chat with other Caedmon Folkers.

If you haven't yet joined Caedmon Folk please feel free to read more about these weekly classes at The Sage Gateshead online.

This site is designed mainly to allow those of you who attend Caedmon Folk classes to keep in touch with each other, share your experiences and let us know what you're up to. We therefore encourage you to send in photographs from your classes or performances, chat on our forums about what you're learning, what's going well and not so well, or what you like or dislike about the classes.

This community is still new, and as it is designed specifically for you we are always keen to hear your thoughts about what you enjoy about the site and anything you think is missing.



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