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January 03, 2004

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Matt Seattle
Master of Northumbrian tunes
i: www.dragonflymusic.co.uk

Musician, composer and music historian Matt Seattle has played an important role in selecting material for the FARNE archives.

Matt plays guitar, fiddle and Border pipes. From 1986 he ran Dragonfly Music
which published, among many other books, his Airs For Pairs series of attractive duet arrangements of traditional tunes, and The Master Piper, his rediscovery of William Dixon’s 1733 manuscript of Border pipe music. The book
publishing part of Dragonfly Music was transferred to Dave Mallinson Publications in 2003, but Matt continues to take an active role in it, including overseeing his new edition of the William Vickers collection.

Matt is one of the few traditional music scholars who is also recognised as a player and composer. In the late 1980s when he was concentrating on the fiddle
he won all the Northumbrian Open Fiddle competitions; a piper since 1991, in 2003 he was the first to win four Open Border Piping competitions in one year, and the first Border Piper to play at Berwick Military Tattoo.



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