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December 10, 2007

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The images in the FARNE Archive have come from a variety of sources, including photographs, manuscripts, song sheets, large bound volumes and small fragile books. The variety of items in the archive has meant that we have digitised material in various different ways.

Many items, such as song sheets and photographs were scanned using a high quality flatbed scanner, which was relatively quick and simple. Others however were extremely old and fragile and had to be handled with care. Items such as this were photographed using a specialist camera with a scanner back. The digital copies of all items were then edited using imaging software to ensure the images remained as true to the original item as possible.

The above processes are described in further detail in the topics below. These notes are not intended as a comprehensive guide to digital imaging, but rather a guide to some of the processes used by FARNE.

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Image standards and formats
Creating master copies and web delivery files.
Image standards and formats

Editing digital images
Processes and practices involved in digital editing.
Editing digital images

Carrying out image capture
Methods of image capture.
Carrying out image capture

Selecting a method of image capture
Issues surrounding appropriate image capture for archival items
Selecting a method of image capture




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