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October 29, 2004

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Stage - 6

Screen capture - Helix Producer Plus 9
RealMedia file creation using Helix Producer Plus 9.

RealAudio encoding compresses the size of the audio files so that the information can be “streamed” continuously over the Internet at a rate which the user’s modem (Internet connection) can handle. All FARNE RealAudio files have been compressed for delivery via 28k dial-up, 56k dial-up and 256k DSL or cable connection. This allows a wide number of users to access audio streams at the best quality available via their particular internet connection.

As with all media delivery via the web the real differences come from careful preparation of the original. This involves a clear understanding of Codecs. Real audio uses lossy compression. Certain frequencies are lost in the compression process. If files are prepared without these frequencies, compression is more successful. Similarly, a wav file with a carefully edited dynamic profile will produce a real audio stream of clearer quality, even at high levels of compression.

All finished wav, mp3 and RealMedia files were cut to CD. All files were also placed on the server, including archive copies of wav files. In addition, all audio files were also cut to audio CD for playback on standard CD players. All CDs were cut in duplicate, to ensure that back-up copies of all files were made.



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Stage - 1
Stage - 1
Playing the original tapes using an AKAI GX 4000DB tape deck

Stage - 2
Stage - 2
Digitizing the analogue signal using soundMAX integrated digital audio

Stage - 3
Stage - 3
Reducing the background noise using fft filters

Stage - 4
Stage - 4
Editing using Cool Edit Pro

Stage - 5
Stage - 5
Creation of Mp3 files

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