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20 December 2007

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Julia Senior Member

Wed Apr 18, 2007 17:07

Been to one of our talks & workshops? Perhaps you heard Tony Corcoran talk about his life as a fiddler, or Tarquin Bolton take you through the basics of fiddle making. Perhaps you learned heaps about maintaining your fiddle with John Bushby or you got the unique chance to hear Peter Coates talk about his thinking behind the James Hill Sculpture.

We're keen to find out what you thought about all our events - good or bad!


Julia Senior Member

Wed Apr 18, 2007 17:11

Incidentally I was at Tony Corcoran's talk on his life as a fiddler and really enjoyed it. I hope you get a sense of how interesting it was from our podcast when we publish it later this month. I was delighted that Tony brought his fiddle and even dragged a keyboard player along for some vamping - it brought the whole thing to life.

I've known Tony for years and am pleased to say that many moons ago he taught me how to play folk fiddle after some classical training. It was great to have the opportunity to find out about what made Tony decide to teach. It was also interesting to hear that for a while he didn't play the fiddle at all - it took a run in with The Beggarmen to get him back on the scene. There's hope for all of us who've taken a little musical break then!

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