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21 December 2007

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Julia Senior Member

Tue Sep 26, 2006 11:47
Rating: 3

It's really important that this online community has all of the information and resources that you need and is informative, interesting and fun! The ExploreMusic and Folkworks teams are working very closely on this project to make sure the community is always fresh and up to date with all of the latest Caedmon Folk news and gossip, and for that we need your help.

As we've said elsewhere on the site, this is a community for you, so keep in touch and tell us what else you'd like to see here. This is just the beginning......


Theo Member

Sat Nov 11, 2006 11:33
Rating: 3

Hi julia,

Great that this facility is now available, but...
speaking as an ex-ICT teacher it could be easier to get into!
1) Finding the Caedmon Folk pages is quite hard work, the url for the page is pretty memorable. How about our own domain name, pointing to the Caedmon Community?

2) After finding the Folkworks community, when I log in I get dumped back to the iKnow home page. I've now worked out how to get back here from there, but I'm sure it must deter many.

3) While I'm typing this response I have to work in a tiny box that displays only 5 or 6 word per line when there is at least as much unused space on either side. Why is the system so mean with space?

4 Being part of FARNE makes it feel as if Caedmon Folk is a guest here, and the A in FARNE is for Archive! Do we really want ceadmon folk to be viewed as part of an archive? I would like to see these pages in a much more forward looking context.



Julia Senior Member

Mon Nov 13, 2006 17:45
Rating: 3

Hi Theo

Thanks for logging on and for your comments. I've looked at them all and put some responses below. It would be great to hear about anything on the site you liked too, so we know what works as well as what perhaps you'd like to see us improve on. Apologies the following narrative is long, but hopefully you'll find it useful.

1) We have discussed this and it is something we will continue to consider. At the moment all of the people we are aiming the site at attend Caedmon Folk each week and receive regular information with how to get onto the site, so although a direct URL might be nice it is not a great priority at the moment. It's also important for people who use the site to see it in context with the rest of the site - if we use a direct URL to the community pages people might quite not understand where they are and why. We certainly will continue to think about this one.

2 & 3) We are aware the interface for this could be better, however it comes with the software on which our website runs so we don't have any further control over this. We have fed our concerns to the company who provide our system and hope that improvements will be made in future upgrades. In the mean time using your 'back' button in the Internet Explorer bar and / or the menu to the left of the page should get you to where you need to be.

4) We are keen to ensure that FARNE isn't just an static archive which gathers dust and so we are gradually building the site so that it can become a real hub of current folk information and resources of which the archive is a part. Not only will this provide a local online folk community, but it will also encourage more people to use the actual archive part of the site which contains such an amazing collection of materials.

Obviously the name of the site came before we did, however most people know it mainly by it's acronym 'FARNE'. We are absolutely looking to the future which is why developing FARNE as an up to the minute folk community is so important to us. What is happening now in the folk scene is the archive of the future and for past and present to be available in one place is really important.

In terms of Caedmon Folk being a 'guest' on FARNE - it absolutely is and we welcome all Caedmon Folkers as guests to our website and part of this increasing online local folk community. Setting up a stand alone website can be costly and requires someone to set up and maintain it which can take up an awful lot of time. This way Caedmon Folk can have a free community and dedicated support in keeping it up to date by our team of information specialists. They have Caedmon Folk resources as well as all of the other folk resources available on our site all in one place - including tutors, ceilidh bands, folk session, folk gigs and more. As close partners with The Sage Gateshead and provider of a range of their online interactive resources hosting the community on our site seems the easiest way forward and ensures you recieve all of the latest Folkworks information plus information from across the region. We work extremely closely with The Sage Gateshead's programming, participation and marketing / communication teams in providing the Caedmon Folk Community

Thanks again for your comments and keep visiting us. We're always interested to hear suggestions about what information or resources you'd like to see on the site too.



Theo Member

Fri Nov 17, 2006 09:52
Rating: 3

Hi Julia,

Sorry if I have given myelf a reputation as a whinger, its not how I want to be thought of!

My comments were a direct response to the amount of time it took me to get here, and the sad lack of other contributors. All the things I said were positive suggestions for developments. I thought that was your purpose in starting this topic.

Of course it is good to see details of folkworks events and staff all collected into one place, it is something I've wanted to see for years, well done.



Theo Member

Fri Nov 17, 2006 09:57
Rating: 3


Is there a way to edit a message after its been posted?



Theo Member

Fri Nov 17, 2006 10:02
Rating: 3

Hi Julia

Something else I would like to see.

I like the photos and text about Folkworks staff. I would like to see Ros and Alistair say something about themselves, since without them none of this would be happening. I think there may be many recent Folkworks participants who don't know how much we owe to ther pioneering work in setting up Folkworks in the first place.



Julia Senior Member

Mon Feb 19, 2007 20:12
Rating: 3

Yes, it would be good to hear a bit more from the founders wouldn't it?

Interestingly Ros & Alistair put together the biographies featured in the meet the team section, so in a way they've had their say, but it almost seems a little brief considering the years of work they've put in.

I wonder if we might be able to get them to do a blog at some point though where they could talk about their history with Folkworks and how things have changed and developed over the years.

Leave it with us and we'll see if we can twist their arms to do that at some point. Great idea.


*** Member

Fri Aug 31, 2007 08:07
Rating: 3

Hello to you both. Because of demands on my time I cant always go to regular sessions. However when I do have a spare evening I never know where there are sessions I could go to.

Yes I know about the local music database; Its ok but the search is inadequate and it lists by name. Some of the entries dont give enough details (eg where the event is!)
Also there are many sessions that arent listed. (eg Coalburns) but as an infrequent visitor I dont feel empowered to add them myself.

If I get a chance I'll ask at any sessions I come across if its ok to forward details to the database.

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