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21 December 2007

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Jamesdi Member

Fri Aug 12, 2005 15:52

Ive noticed the fascination children of a certain age have with music. It seems to go largely ignored and unstimulated or destroyed by over zealous parents who create a new chore. I see music as a common language of feelings/emotions and free expression.

Largely children experience music through the media, and music through the media, television and radio is designed to make somebody money. I often feel if money is all someone wants to make everything including our minds are a potential scource of income as they see it(nowhere/one is sacred). Having seen an advert from america that teaches a child to nag successfully for a toy and due to the wealth of knowledge and insight we have into psychology, the sub-concious and techniques for subliminal manipulation (imagine a buisness man hiring 10 Derren Browns to create a marketing strategy) its all I can do to stress the real dangers we face. I recommend a book called No Logo by Naomi Klein. I see myself as a smart cow who knows a brand is for consumption.

To a child of a certain age everything is as it seems, there is no difference between reality and the place their mind goes when they fall asleep. They don’t know what a lie is or why somebody would want to lie. When I dream everything is as it seems, when I wake everything is how I choose to see it. What something means is up to me. Without being aware of lies a person cannot choose the way he sees reality. Someone once said that art isn’t the truth it is a lie that shows the truth. This is how I see music or expressions in the form of sound they are pure. I believe we all have rhythm if we can breathe we have rhythm. To an extent we have desensitised ourselves to the visual world. A statistic I heard that a person now sees a million more different and varied images in a day than a person 100 years ago would have seen i their lifetime. In what way they are different and varied is a whole other tangent. Having dreamt in sound I realise it is a far more pure and unspoiled medium for real communication.

I am not a fan of the theory of music in the same way I did not like it when my farther said that music was maths. I am not saying that it is wrong I think its place in education is wrong. I’ve never seen the music to green sleeves but I can play it. I can hear the dance of the nights when I watch a tree in the wind. Children are all pure musicians and we are liars.

When I was a boy
I let it all out without a doubt
Now I am full to the brim
Of what I’m told are sins
But I don’t know why
Cause they didn’t give me reasons
when they tried to stop me cry

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