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21 December 2007

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ExploreMusic > exposed: Songwriting > A Woman Of No Importance Songwriting Blog
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AWONI Member

Thu Feb 1, 2007 15:41
Rating: 3

This is the exclusive songwriting blog for the band "A Woman Of No Importance".

AWONI Member

Thu Feb 1, 2007 15:45
Rating: 3

Friday 26th January, 1pm Right to begin this blog I thought I'd start with the most recent information and then back track a bit. AWoNI are currently writing new material, which is great, there's nothing better then starting a new year with some new ideas, things have been funny recently with Christmas taking up all our time. One thing you don't appreciate when you're in full time education is the fact that you actually have time to sit down with a guitar or piano and try out new things. That all disappears believe me when everyone is working during the day, but at the same time it makes practicing more of a departure from daily humdrum life. I've had some ideas for a few months but I'd admit quite freely that I've lost ideas in my mind because of not having time to try and 'flesh them out', I wish I could rectify this, sometimes song ideas come into my head, when they do its usually a chorus or a chord idea, if you get these kinds of ideas I find its hard to put them down on paper.

AWONI Member

Thu Feb 1, 2007 15:47
Rating: 3

Friday 26th January, 5.14pm Right, so I was wanting to talk about new AWoNI material, the new songs are mostly ideas started by Marc, who writes all his music on guitar (he's left handed as well) mega complicated, not really. You can tell his influences are now delving into the mainstream pop scene, his new songs are really heartfelt tales, written on old scraps of paper he keeps in his diary, we've just finished a new song which we're playing at the Carling Academy on Sunday 28th. The song (it doesn't have a title yet) is a power indie pop ballad, the chords sound like a cross between 'Walking in Memphis' (yeah!! a Cher song!!!!) and our favorite all time Scottish group Idlewild, the lyrics I haven't quite deciphered yet, I like other people to interpret what the song means to them, in my mind its about not giving up. We're playing another song which is new and hasn't been played much live called 'This Morning' which is a sort of bittersweet love song about how you want someone but you shouldn't want them (because they're bad for you), we're still wondering about it, its a song that has us thinking 'Do we like it?' but still. Marc has written another song about lost love which is simple, guitar, skiffle drums and piano. We're trying out a piano player next month to see if it would work with other material we have. On a solo front, I've written two political rant songs on guitar which I might record for you to hear, all about the local area, inspired by my friend and I playing Basketball and then being 'mugged' by these little charvers aged 9 (they ran off with our basketball and threw it over a fence) I was so shocked by their language as well, I had to write down some words for them. Those two songs are on a theme 'Living in Britain'. I'll be updating this as the days go on, hopefully with some more news? Matt x

AWONI Member

Thu Feb 1, 2007 15:48
Rating: 3

Wednesday 31st January

Well we're practicing tomorrow night at the College, Marc has another few ideas to share, and its our first practice in 2007 with our string section (cello and violin) Sarah and Clare, we're currently looking to recruit a keyboard/synth player for the group, in a bid to make our sound even more lush and orchestral, we're trying out new players in February. I've been listening alot to bands like Low, Wilco and the Wrens, good artists to check out if you like alt-country tinged indie pop.

This has given me a few ideas on the guitar, if you start by placing a capo on say the third fret of a guitar (it gets a bit technical for those who don't play guitar) and play open barr chords, I've found a really good chord sequence almost straight away which you can add piano/synth to straight away because it's a repetitive phrase. I'll try and record some music to demonstrate this later on.

I was in the Sage (where I work mostly) down in the Music Education Department and for a while I've been playing on the piano's there and I've been trying out a few ideas, I completely improvised a song you can hear on this blog called 'Never Let This End', its a bit of a sad one but one that I hope we can add lots to. There was this other idea that is the complete opposite which I'll record later, it sounds a bit like T-Rex in the key of C with a basic bass phrase accompaniment. With these ideas I basically was just experimenting with different chords on the piano, I can't actually play piano that well at all, don't know any chord positions besides G and C, maybes later on I'll get piano lessons, I find it a really soothing instrument to play. More updates later! as I try and record some guitar ideas down.

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