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May 11, 2005

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Answer by necromancer Wednesday, 23 Feb 2005 18:55

fastest you talk a load of rubbish, the grammy awards were awesome and who the hell are new order anyway?


Junior Member

Tuesday, 22 Feb 2005 16:07

I watched the NMEs the other evening and it was really quite entertaining. The NMEs seem so much more credible than the Brits and clearly have a lot more respect with the rockers.

It was bizarre seeing Paul McCartney recieve an award. And even more bizare that New Order won an award - most of the other winners were very guitar based groups, so to see a group I'd always though of as a dance act win an NME award was quite refreshing, even if I'm not a new order fan. God like genius award? I love the name too.

Learn the words to your song though before you do a live performance though new order - using the autocue is just embarrassing!

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Junior Member

Tuesday, 22 Feb 2005 20:08

hello mittas, new order were formed from one of the most seminal rock outfits this side of the 50's, namely joy division (recently nominated for best song of the last 25 years, but williams won ). although they use synths i would say that they are very rooted in rock.

i watched the brits recently which has been getting a bit more concerned with credibility of late. gwen stefani was excellent and snoop and pharrel williams were pretty good. it i amazing to think that n.e.r.d produced 80% of the music played on us radio just a year or two ago.

the grammy's were entertaining also mainly cos i am not used to seeing so many very famous people all in one place. in the final song there was bono, steven tyler from aerosmith, stevie wonder, joss stone (grrr.), billy joe out of green day and i cant remember the rest as i had to drink quite a lot of brandy to get thru joss stone's and Melissa Etheridge's Janis Joplin tribute. i wished they had just given stevie with a piano and let him do his thing, as you can imagine the group rendition of 'across the universe' did not sound sweet.
anyway mittas, just thought i'd clear the new order thing up.

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Junior Member

Wednesday, 23 Feb 2005 18:55

fastest you talk a load of rubbish, the grammy awards were awesome and who the hell are new order anyway?

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Junior Member

Saturday, 05 Mar 2005 11:32

The NME awards were very boring to me,no excitement at all while the winning bands all sound the same.Libertines should never have won,overrated or what.Only winners i agreed with were John Peel and Oasis getting the best music DVD. As for the Grammy's,this is when America tends to pat itself on the back so foreigners usually get overlooked.It was good to see Led Zep get the lifetime achievement award,richly deserved!

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