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19 December 2008

:: The Sage Gateshead :: The Long Walk Community

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'This is the story of a journey.
A story of a journey of some people that I didn't know.
A story of a journey of the Chinese people who came to Morecambe Bay.
And it's a story that may open up our own stories. Their journey a metaphor for all of ours'

Lemn Sissay, Writer

The LONG WALK is a journey in music, image and song in response to the 2004 Morecambe Bay tragedy in which 23 cocklers lost their lives. This tragedy raised issues of displacement, exploitation and journey that are relevant to everyone, whatever their background or nationality. The Long Walk is a memorial and celebration of their lives, and a profile of Chinese culture within Britain.

In March 2007, to mark the third Anniversary of this unforgettable loss, More Music initiated The Long Walk, a unique response to the catastrophe through an ambitious international project in music and culture involving hundreds of people of all ages from the North West and China. The project involves acclaimed composers, musicians, writers and lens-based artists working with community groups towards a massed community orchestra in acknowledgement of a shared humanity. Now, The Long Walk comes to The Sage Gateshead.

The Sage Gateshead is currently engaging communities of all ages and nationalities in this exciting project through participatory music workshops. The project will culminate in performances by a massed community orchestra alongside a professional ensemble Chinese and local musicians at The Sage Gateshead on the 4 & 5 April 2008 as part of The Sage Gateshead's 'Chinese Connections Festival'

Composer musician Guo Yue, collaborating on The Long Walk comments:

'Many Chinese people have travelled far from their homeland - searching... Footprints follow footprints - weaving like a sinuous dragon across the world. But the leaves in the wind, blowing into the sky - after many years, fall to the earth, returning to the roots of the ancient trees. In the end, you return to your beginning. This is what The Long Walk means to me'.
Guo Yue





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Background to the Long Walk
The Long Walk Community Orchestra
The Long Walk Performance
The Long Walk Images
Help Us Make 2,300 Origami Birds!
The Long Walk Liverpool

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