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20 December 2007

:: The Sage Gateshead :: Vocal Force

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About the Programme
The Sage Gateshead is delighted to report that we are leading Vocal Force, a national workforce development programme for leaders, run for Sing Up
the Music Manifesto National Singing Campaign

The Aims


We will impact on the singing of primary-school aged children in 20 areas across England, providing inclusive, learner-centred training for leaders, between September 2007 and March 2008.


We will encourage and exemplify healthy, musical singing within primary education and develop a broad repertoire base using singing in the context of the whole curriculum.

We will work to encourage schools to become singing communities, will draw from the principles developed through the Vocal Union programme and other models of excellent practice, and will work flexibly in planning, delivery and collaboration with existing schemes, projects, organisations and individuals across England.


The Values

The training will involve

  • Embedded partnership working and peer-learning;
  • The drawing together of vocal leaders from a wide range of backgrounds;
  • Inclusive, learner-centred approaches to singing culture;
  • Vocal techniques and how to encourage and exemplify healthy, musical singing;
  • How to develop a broad and inclusive repertoire base;
  • Singing in the context of the whole curriculum;
  • Whole class and whole school delivery.


The Programme Participants

Working with colleagues across the country, the programme will invest in the development of approximately 50 vocal leaders in each of the 20 areas.


We are eager to involve participants and local trainers from

  • Education
    • Schools, Music Services, Children’s Services, Home Educators;
  • Government Services
    • Refugee, Ethnic Minority, Arts Development and Traveler Services and other offices;
  • The Community
    • Community organisations, vocal societies, religious organisations, Extended Schools;
  • Training and Leadership
    • Networks, Higher Education and Further Education providers and PGCE courses
  • Specialist professional singing organisations and from any other musical background.


Networks and Training


Locally based peer-learning networks will be created in each area, led by a facilitation team. The training will take place over 4-6 months and will differ in shape and pattern depending on the needs of the area.


In all areas we will develop a direct delivery training programme including some or all of the following:

  • Opportunities to participate in co-mentoring schemes;
  • Training days;
  • Leading within a school / organisation;
  • Leading workshops and running singing days and shared festivals;
  • The establishment of adult school singing groups;
  • Repertoire development sessions and support;
  • Residential training weekends.


What now?


There is no charge for Vocal Force participation. We are continually involved in nationwide research and development, and are working intrinsically within Sing Up to best encourage wide and fair provision of training.


If you are interested in Vocal Force, please contact:

Vocal Force Programme, The Sage Gateshead

Direct: 0191 443 4656




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