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20 December 2007

:: The Sage Gateshead :: exposed: :: exposed: experimental

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exposed: experimental


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Local Contacts & Communities
Read on for details of local organisations / contacts on the experimental scene. If you know of any other organisations please feel free to contact us.

To get involved in discussion with other local experimental musicians, enthusiasts or students or to ask questions about the genre use our forums - links are to the right of this page.

Music Lover’s Field Companion
The Sage Gateshead’s annual experimental music festival which takes place in May. "A 3-day survey of all manner of disparate musical activity, which at its core shares a basic artistic kinship; one of exploration and discovery."

AV Festival
The UK’s largest international festival of electronic arts. It includes music, visual art, design & games. And it’s a Northeast thing!

Comfy Chairs
Showcase evenings held at Newcastle University King’s Hall – aims at experimental
electronic music and improvisation.

Label/promoters/movers & shakers making sure some great alternative musicians make it up to us. Featured artists on label include: Volcano the Bear / Sir Richard Bishop

Canopy New Music
"a not-for-profit, eco-friendly organisation supporting New/Experimental music-making and learning in the North of England. We believe that nuturing creative practitioners at an individual level is essential for maintaining high-quality regional output."

Will Scrimshaw
Local practitioner who is up to all sorts

Record shop and Label promoting local experimental artists. Be quick - they’re closing down soon!
Featured artists include Volcano the Bear / Astral Social Club / Neil Campbell / Sticky Foster / Prurient / Jazzfinger / Tight Meat Duo

Star & Shadow Cinema
Venue for all things alternative.

Tripswitches / CoLab
A experimental music/film night usually hosted at the Cumberland Arms.

Analogue Discharge
Fledgling laptronica night presented once a month in the Telegraph.

Promotes gigs and alternative music nights in Durham, Newcastle, and the surrounding area. Has well-used discussion forum. A bit more on the indie side of alternative

Culture Lab
Part of an evolving network of artists, researchers and scientists encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration. Based at Newcastle University. Includes a state-of-the-art, well-equipped building!




North East Experimental Music Forum
Keep in touch with other local experimental music lovers. Share contacts, information, opinions, ideas... anything!


Discuss: Listening Post


Help for beginners
New to experimental music and feeling confused? We’ve found some great resources on the net which will help you to better understand this often controversial genre.

Experimental resources in ExploreMusic
We’ve a range of books for loan on different aspects of experimental music, recommended be local musicians. Find out what’s available and reserve your copy.

National & International Contacts
Access our comprehensive list of contacts for experimental music in the UK, including record labels & online stores. Then log onto our forums to chat to fellow experimental musicians or listeners!

Online Resources
Various online resources that incorporate elements of experimental music

Did you know?

North East Music News
North East Music News
All the latest from the region’s music scene...

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