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20 December 2007

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North-East fiddle traditions - FARNE

Through the FARNE website (Folk Archive Resource North East) you can learn a great deal online about the fantastic regional tradition we have for fiddle music and for folk music in general. There is a wealth of additional material about the local folk music and musicians archived in an easily accessible format with great search facilities. Of course our very own Tyneside fiddler James Hill features strongly too. There are 38 original manuscripts including several of his popular hornpipes available for viewing online. There are sound clips too with recordings of players like Jack Armstrong and George Hepple. It really is well worth a browse.

James Hill
If you are not familiar with James Hill... then where have you been?! His life as a fiddler and composer on Tyneside in the first half of the 1800s has been very well documented and in particular by Graham Dixon in his book 'The Lads Like Beer'. Hill became well known for his mastery of the fiddle and his hornpipe compositions which he played in the pubs around the quayside on both sides of the Tyne and on Bottle Bank, Gateshead where he lived for a time. It is here that a memorial to him was unveiled last year. It's well worth a look and only a few hundred yards from the West Door of The Sage Gateshead. So if you fancy a quick stretch of the legs to refresh yourself for the next fiddle event, just ask the team in ExploreMusic for a leaflet and we'll direct you to it.

Use the links below for some highlights from FARNE or follow our search tips to access over a hundred fiddle related items stored within the archive.

FARNE Search Tips
There are two key ways you can find fiddle related items in the FARNE archive including manuscripts & photographs.

  • Browse the archive - Atkinson, Henry and Lister, William are 2 key fiddle manuscript collections

  • Search by Person - use the list of biographies below for names of fiddlers to search for and select their names from the list provided for manuscripts and photos

    Just click the Search the Archive link to the right of this page to get started.

Featured Stories
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Programme Eight
Willy Taylor, Billy Atkinson, Joe Hutton and George Hepple - Wallsend Concert
Programme Eight

Programme Ten
Interview with Will Atkinson and Willy Taylor
Programme Ten

Programme Twelve
Interview with George Hepple
Programme Twelve

James Hill
Tyneside Fiddler
James Hill

John Armstrong and Joe Hutton
fiddle and Northumbrian pipe duet
John Armstrong and Joe Hutton

Played the Northumbrian way ...

George Hepple
fiddle solo
George Hepple

George Hepple
Haltwhistle fiddler and piper ...
George Hepple

John Armstrong
Northumbrian fiddler ...
John Armstrong




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Search the FARNE archive to find photographs, manuscripts, sound recordings and more!

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What’s On listing
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