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20 December 2007

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exposed:Fiddles Tune-Writing Competition
We are delighted to announce that the winning composition in our competition to compose a new fiddle tune was ’New Silver’ by Michael Haywood.

The judges enjoyed all of the tunes submitted, but there was something special about this fine new reel. It has a strong traditional style, but with a couple of quirky moments to give it a distinctive character, and will sound great played by massed fiddles. The opening is very strong, and the second bar has a great rhythmic energy about it.

There’s an exciting start to the ’B’ part with a switch to the dominant key, and then a lovely build from the lower notes in bar 11 to a thrilling climax in bar 15.

The ’New Silver’ is a well-structured, original and exciting new tune. Hear it played during ’The Big Fiddle’ on Sunday. Alternatively you can come to ExploreMusic, situated at the east end of the concourse in The Sage Gateshead, and get a hard copy of the tune.



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