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21 December 2007

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Joe Hutton
Joe Hutton with his set of pipes

A shepherd all his working life, and the son of a traditional West Northumberland fiddler, Joe Hutton played mainly dance music from preference. He learnt the pipes from G.G. Armstrong, then acquired the magnificent ivory set of pipes made by T. Errington Thompson, won many competitions and played for local dances and concerts, frequently with Will Atkinson and Willy Taylor, amongst many others. He lived at Harbottle in Northumberland. A teacher of pipes, regarded by many as the greatest, with beautiful style.

On this short audio clip we hear Joe Hutton playing a set of three hornpipes - the Marquis of Lorne, Proudlock's Hornpipe and the Friendly Visit. All three tunes were concert favourites and were played by Joe many times. Notice the crisp playing style and the distinctive sound of Joe's pipes.

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