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21 December 2007

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I hear the blackbird fluting on a bramble bough
A blessing on your beak
I see the children skipping on the green
Where people meet
And may they never cease,
And may they never cease

I remember picking wild berries in the wood
Fingers stained where mother lived
The thrill of the aircrafts' fall
Beside the butterfly bridge
Where the river flows,
Where the river flows

Breathtaking views, misty dews
Green fades and the earth is reformed
Let's have spacecraft and men on mars,
But don't let's meddle with all the stars.

I want to hear the music of the countryside
Gather by the river, see the salmon leap, the otter swim
To hear the kittiwake cry upon the tower
And may they never cease
And may they never cease

© Gateshead Crossroads Young Carers, 2004

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