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Music Lovers' Field Companion

In an ever changing musical landscape, The Sage Gateshead presents a festival of performances from some of the most exhilarating and urgent underground musicians the world has to offer, these artists define genres, break moulds and inspire creativity; it's an exploration of the bold and exciting in new music and something we think you daren't miss.

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Currently, we at Explore Music have created a companion resource for those intrigued by the Experimental genre, extending the concept of the 'Music Lovers' Field Companion'

As Barry Esson, the festival curator says,

"In 1954, John Cage [often perceived as the father of experimental music] was invited to write an article on music in an edition of the United States Lines Paris Review, primarily devoted to humour. In it he suggested that much could be learned about music by devoting oneself to the other great passion in his life: the mushroom. In particular, or at least most pertinently to this festival, he bemoaned the lack of guidance when surveying the ever expanding, potentially confusing genre of experimental music. If you were to be serious about mushrooms then, when out for a Sunday afternoon picking, the first thing you would reach for would be your trusty Field Companion to guide you towards the tastiest, non-toxic examples in the field. Why couldn't there be such a companion to music?"


Over the weekend, these were the artists who appeared:

Friday 20th May:
Keiji Haino (also, in conversation with Alan Cummings )
For this unique and specially conceived 4 hour solo performance, Haino is bringing an eclectic collection of more than 40 exotic instruments from all over the world to combine with his impassioned vocals and trademark incandescent guitar.

Saturday 21 May:
Vibracathedral Orchestra
Veterans of the psych-infused UK free noise scene, the Vibracathedral Orchestra is a hypnotic ur-drone group hailing from Leeds.
My Cat Is An Alien
For this, their first ever live performance in the UK, The Sage Gateshead are working with them to capture the immersive atmosphere of their 'space room' in Turin; wielding dual film projections to take you further into their cosmological music of the spheres, it's shaping up to be a unique and sensual space-rock trip.
Kazuo Imai
Over the course of his 30 year career, Kazuo Imai has matured into one of the most arresting and unique improvisers in Japan, creating an original and powerful body of free music.
Takehisa Kosugi
Takehisa Kosugi creates mixed-media sound performances and installations, making use of daily materials and electronic technology, realizing the multiplicity of sounds in space.

Sunday 22nd May:
Everybody knows one thing about the prolific Jandek: that no one knows anything about Jandek. There is nothing but the records. At first his music may seem crude or inept, but upon exploration it reveals incredible depth, intelligence, feeling, and rewards for the listener. Harsh, clashing, discontinuous and dissonant are also words that have been used to describe his music.
Centered on a core of trumpeter Greg Kelley and soprano saxophonist Bhob Rainey, Boston's Nmperign is one of the brightest stars in the increasingly splattered experimental/improv/noise/whatever constellation.
Check out this Nmperign interview

Shuji Inaba
Amazing Japanese avant-folk singer who has had releases featured on PSF records.

Kyoaku No Intention [Munehiro Narita/ Shoji Hano]
Originally conceived in the early 80's as a duo project to stand along side his legendary speed rock outfit High Rise, Munehiro Narita's Kyoaku No Intention [Worst Intentions] fired out some of the most compelling no-wave improvised rock of the time.

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