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20 December 2007

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October 2005
Below is a list of web-links and resources available in our library to help you learn more about the artists peforming in The Sage Gateshead in October 2005. To book tickets visit The Sage Gateshead online or call (0191) 443 4661.

Don't forget that ExploreMusic also stock music magazines, and dictionaries and encyclopaedias to help you on your musical quest. Visit soon!

1st October
11am family concert
John Woolrich:

John Woolrich makes an appearance in Grove Music Online* and you can hear more of his work at Classical Music Library*.

Come and Sing... Haydn's Nelson Mass
Brush up in time for this event by listening to the piece on Classical Music Library* and/or Naxos Music Library*. On Naxos Music Library you'll also find details of the recording you're listening to as well as background information on the music. The text of the mass is included too.

You can access information about Haydn's Nelson Mass and what the term 'mass' refers to at Grove Music Online*. Search for 'Joseph Haydn' and click on 'Sacred Vocal Music' for more on this and other masses. Alternatively simply search for 'mass' for more about this term, or '19th Century' for more about music in Haydn's time.

If you are keen to learn more about the Battle of Trafalgar then why not try out some of the library's other online reference services - use the link to the right of the page to learn more (Xreferplus is the most relevant online resource for this information).

You can access the biography for Northern Sinfonia from the front page of The Sage Gateshead website.

ExploreMusic holds information about many choirs and choral groups in the North of England that you can join or join in with. Click on the 'Music Listings' link to the left on the page and select 'Listings Database' to begin searching.

3rd October
James Blunt:
Read his official biography on our Artist Biographies pages.

James Blunt Video: click on the A-Z archive on the left hand side then go to J and click the name of the video you want to watch.

4th October
Perfect Partner
Sonic Youth
Tony Oursler
Discover more about the Perfect Partner project at

5th October
A brief introduction to Jacques Loussier is available at Grove Music Online. For more detail however we recommend visiting or his record company website Go to Jazz then Artists.

6th October
Northern Sinfonia concert

Both Mark Wilde's and Thomas Zehetmair's official biographies are available on our Artist Biographies pages.

Learn more about Britten and Schubert at Grove Music Online and listen to some of the pieces featured in this concert as well as more from Britten, Colin Matthews and Schubert at Classical Music Library.

Britten Suite on English Folk Tunes and Colin Matthew's '...through the glass' are available to listen to on our CD listening posts.

Vin Garbutt and Bob Fox
Vin Garbutt:
Bob Fox

7th October
Sharon Jones is the record label website or visit for a more detailed biography and discography.

8th October
James Taylor Quartet

Home grown Acid Jazz favourite Smoove's website - - is still under construction however you can read more about him at - he is listed at this site in the main menu. You can listen to Smoove recordings and even download at

9th October
Birmingham Contemporary Music Group:
The official BCMG biography is available at our Artist Biographies pages.

BCMG, Donatoni, Kagel, Woolrich, Xenakis and Ligeti are featured in Grove Music Online*, plus you can listen to examples of some of the composers' work at Classical Music Library*.

Biographies for Donatoni and Xenakis are also available via the Musical Times Magazine online archive. Go to, click on 'Archive', and you can read about Kagel on this dedicated website:

You can read a review of Woolrich's 'The sea and its shore' at click on 'reviews', then 'live events' and scroll down to 'July 2004' to find the review.

11th October
Union City
Information about this project can be found at the Newcastle Institute for the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities website - search for Union City.

12th October
Il Giardino Armonico:
Viktoria Mullova: You can also read Viktoria Mullova's biography on our Artist Biographies pages, or follow the link to the right.

Information on all of the composers featured in the concert are available at Grove Music Online* - note that for Sammartini you will need to search under Giuseppe Sammartini.

The Handel Concerto and Sammartini's Flute Concerto In F are available to listen to online at Classical Music Library* through our playlists. A CD of some of Vivaldi's violin concertos is available to listen to on our listening posts.

For information on baroque instruments go to click 'information', then 'instruments'.

Tord Gustavsen Trio:

Alan Jabbour and Ken Perlman: Search at for biographies and discographies on both of these Country legends.

13th October
Los de Abajo:

14th, 15th & 16th October
Jian Wang
Read his official biography on our Artist Biographies pages.

Listen to Jian Wang playing the Six Cello Suites on the new Deutsche Grammophon CD, available on our listening post in ExploreMusic.

Visit and search for Jian Wang for information and some fantastic press reviews about his recent recording of all six of the Bach Cello Suites.

Visit Naxos Music Library to listen to recordings of these pieces by many different artists, including Pablo Casals, the cellist who reintroduced them to audiences at the beginning of the 20th century.

Nils Logfren:

17th October
North Cregg
The Tyneside Irish Festival runs from the 13th to 23rd October 2005 in Newcastle and is not to be missed. Visit for more information.

18th October
Grove Music Online* has information about the composers Hugh Wood, Beethoven and Schubert, and the artists Moray Welsh and Martin Roscoe. The concert is presented by Music in the Round -

18th & 19th October

Imogen Cooper and Yannick Nézet-Séguin
Visit our Artist Biographies pages for the official biographies.

You can listen to a double CD featuring Imogen Cooper on our listening posts. You can also listen to all but one of the pieces performed in this concert on our playlists on Classical Music Library*. Grove Music Online* has informaion on Imogen Cooper and the composers Ravel and Mozart.

20th October
Discover more about Afrobeat at the BBC.

Kim Weston - Read more about her life and works at

22nd October
Listen to Carnival of the Animals on both Naxos Music Libary* and Classical Music Library* and read about Saint-Saens on Grove Music Online*.

Read about Yannick Nezet-Seguin on our Artist Biographies pages.

23rd October
Tyneside Irish Festival
Matt Malloy
Visit for biographies of Liam O'Flynn and Shaun Davey as well as details of The Brendan Voyage.

Visit the Tara Record Label website for information about Arty McGlynn. Search by clicking on Artists.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Learn more about Trad Jazz at Grove Music Online* - type Trad Jazz as your search or pop into ExploreMusic to access dictionaries and encyclopedias on Jazz, including The Rough Guide to Jazz. We also have music biographies for some jazz musicians as well as magazines about jazz.

24th October
Spanish Harlem Orchestra
Read up on salsa, Latin soul, boogaloo and more latin music using our dictionaries and encyclopedias or at Grove Music Online.*

Learn more about Samba at

Lizz Wright:
Visit her website to watch a video interview with clips of her performing and talking about her album 'Dreaming Wide Awake'. Click 'Media' at the top of the page to access the video.

25th October
Mostar Sevdah Reunion www.mostarsevdahreunioncom
Ljiljana Butler: Visit the Snail Records website at

Look up 'Bosnia Blues' or 'Sevdah' in Grove Music Online for more about the music.

28th-30th October
Womex Festival:
Get up to speed on the world's largest music expo. We now have two CDs showcasing the bands and artists performing on the Womex weekend. Pop into ExploreMusic for a listen! Pick up a Womex leaflet with details of the events on while you're here.

30th October
Robert Plant

28th-31st October
Northern Remembrance Concert

Le Vent du Nord

For further information on the Hurdy-Gurdy, including images and history visit Grove Music Online.

*Please note that Classical Music Library, Grove Music Online and Naxos Music Library are exclusive online subscription services and can only be accessed from Gateshead Library PCs, including those in ExploreMusic. Grove Music Online is now available to Library members remotely. In Classical Music Library, use Playlists to access music featured in The Sage Gateshead's orchestral subscription series.



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Born in Milan, Giovanni Antonini studied at the Civica Scuola di Musica and at the Centre de Musique Ancienne in Geneva.
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Recognized worldwide as a pianist of virtuosity and poetic poise, Imogen Cooper has established a reputation as one of the finest interpreters of the classical repertoire.
Find out more about James Blunt, a singer-songwriter that's lived a life that should provide enough material for a dozen albums!
Born in Scotland, Mark Wilde, was a chorister at Dundee Cathedral. He then went on to study at the University of East Anglia and the Royal College of Music.
Naxos Music Library
over 130,000 sound files...
Music Director of the Northern Sinfonia and award winning violinist
One of the worlds most astonishing and individual violinists...
Yannick Nézet-Séguin is the Artistic Director of the Orchestre Métropolitain in Montreal and Principal Guest Conductor of the Victoria Symphony.

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What’s On listing
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