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June 2006 Events Diary

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Audio Events Diary
Listen to what's coming up at The Sage Gateshead with this audio diary.

Delve deeper into a different aspect of music every two months with this series brought to you by ExploreMusic and The Sage Gateshead in partnership

Concert Resources
Learn more about the artists, composers, conductors and pieces featured in The Sage Gateshead Programme

VOTRE Archive
The Voices of the Rivers Edge Archive lives here! Access photos, video clips and oodles of info about this 3 year community project.

Music Lovers Field Companion
We provided a range of resources to help inform and guide customers during this experimental music festival.

The Opening Weekend
Find out about the musicians and events that took place over The Sage Gateshead's opening weekend.

Artist Biographies
Read detailed official biographies of musicians, composers and conductors performing at The Sage Gateshead.

Did you know?

Sound Gallery
Find out about our latest DVD and music releases...

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