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20 December 2007

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exposed: pipes - looking into ExploreMusic
exposed: pipes
We've reached the end of our pipes journey which took place during September and October, but fear not, you can continue to access all of the resources on this page. We also now have our two Pipes Podcasts available and a photo gallery....

Photo Gallery
Exhibitions, talks, demonstrations, workshops, masterclasses - phew! - visit our exposed:pipes Photo Gallery to see exactly what we got up to. Use the link to the right of the page.

We are delighted to be able to provide you with access to our first ever podcasts.

The first podcast sees Anthony Sargent, General Director at The Sage Gateshead, interviewing Master of the Queen's Music Sir Peter Maxwell Davies about his new piece commissioned by The Sage Gateshead. The piece, written for and inspired by the playing of Kathryn Tickell is called Kettletoft Inn and not surprisingly features the Northumbrian Pipes.

The second podcast summarises the fantastic range of participation events and activities which happened throughout the two months, These included a pipe making demonstration, talks with Julia Say from the Northumbrian Pipers Society and performances from some of their members, and an exclusive performance by students from Whitley Bay High School.

You can either download the podcasts, or subscribe to regularly recieve our exposed: podcasts on your MP3 player. The podcast is hosted by our colleagues at the Gateshead CLC.

To download the podcasts now or to learn more about podcasting and Gateshead CLC go to

To subscribe to the podcasts using iTunes use URL below - you'll need to be in iTunes, select Advanced from the top menu and Subscribe to Podcast, then paste this URL into the box provided. Each time you connect your iPod our latest podcast will be automatically downloaded.

Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum Exhibition
We hope you managed to visit ExploreMusic to see our exhibition of pipes as provided by the museum. It is a fantastic collection. If you missed out you can of course pop along to the museum to see their amazing collection.

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies
As his premiere of Kettletoft Inn is the focal point of exposed:pipes we thought you'd like to know a little more about the man behind the commission. Visit his comprehensive website for biographies, CDs, digital downloads, full list of works an much more

FARNE - Folk Archive Resource North East
It's not too late to start your piping journey. You can use the FARNE archive - Folk Archive Resource North East - which is part of ExploreMusic Online. There are lots of items at FARNE opening up the world of Northumbrian Pipes and the Pipers from the North East. From beginners pages on pipes to biographies of pipers, radio programmes, live recordings and much much more. Don't forget you can also use the archive Search to find photos of pipers, recordings, manuscripts and even interviews with pipers.

We've pulled all of the information on FARNE together for you so you can just use the links below.

1   Section
exposed:pipes Photo Gallery
Take a peek at some of the activities that happened as part of Photo Gallery

Discover pipes through FARNE
14   Articles
Billy Pigg
Northumbrian pipe solo
Billy Pigg

George Hepple
Haltwhistle fiddler and piper ...
George Hepple

Joe Hutton
Northumbrian Piper ...
Joe Hutton

smallpipes, Border pipes and half-longs




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exposed:pipes Photo Gallery
Take a peek at some of the activities that happened as part of exposed:pipes.

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This site offers details of the group's activities, a useful diary, plus information on smallpipes in general
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"The Northumbrian Pipers' Society was established in 1928 to promote the indigenous bagpipes of the North-East of England. Find out about the Society's activities, history, a small bibliography and details of membership.
Featuring bagpipes from around the British Isles. Includes a brief history of pipes, information on their development & advice for those wishing to play, plus contacts for pipe suppliers, piping events and competitions
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What are your favourite pipes? Can you recommend any pipers to listen to? What do you think of this new series? Tell us all of your thoughts and discuss with other pipe fans old and new!

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