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18 May 2008

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Are you wanting to find a band member or looking to join a band? Or perhaps you're looking to buy or sell an instrument? If so, why not check out the following websites and message boards as starting points in your search? If you like what you see, put on your own ad and hopefully you'll get a response in no time at all.

There are a number of UK wide message boards on the web where you can advertise for instruments or bands. The following are only a selection of what's on offer, but the great thing about these websites is that they either have specific North East forums or you can search by area. The first is certainly local... - select 'crackslist' which is at the bottom right hand side of the page. To buy or sell an instrument, put a message on the 'for sale/wanted/swap' forum. If on the other hand you're looking for band members and bands, put a message on the 'music & gigs' forum. As you will notice whilst browsing the site, this is very much a local service. - select 'boards' which is at the bottom right hand side of the page. Scroll down to 'UK cities' section and select 'Newcastle' or any other city where you live. This forum is used to post anything musical going on in the region, from gigs to wanted band members, so why not post away for free?! - under the 'musicians ads' part of the site, you can search for instruments offered and available for sale, as well as for bands and band members. A great feature of this site is that you can search by postcode, as well as being able to search by a specific instrument. The added bonus is that you can post your ads for free! - either select 'Musicians Wanted' or 'Musicians Available' (please note you cannot advertise instruments for sale on this site). Once you've specified whether you want to search for 'Musicians Wanted' or 'Musicians Available' you can then search by location and music skills. Again, like the sites above, you can post an ad for free! - To find a band or band member go to 'Find musicians'. From there, select an area on the map and then choose the most relevant county (Please note: the county used for the North East is 'Northumberland'). For second hand instruments and accessories, go to 'Useful stuff'. Please note that it is free to add entries on this site and to browse, but if you want to contact the musicians advertised it costs from £9 a year. In brief, this £9 allows you to unlock 60 musicians' posts of your own choice, as well as providing a phone rehearsal room and an email notification service. For more detail about the membership for this site go to the 'Info & About Us' link at the bottom left of the page.

As a general rule, we would advise you to put as much information about your instrument, band or skills on any of the posts you add. Why? Because generally the more information you give, the better the response you will get.




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Downloading music
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