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Title : Bob Cranky's leum'nation neet

Format : broadsheet ; song

Composer : unknown

Production details : publisher : unknown

Date : 1814

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Collection name : A collection of local songs and poems which have appeared in print and circulated in Newcastle upon Tyne and its neighbourhood.


Song descriptive of the celebration of the General Peace of 1814.

This song gives a vivid description of the illuminations held in celebration of the end of the Napoleonic Wars. The song describes the coloured lamps used to light up Newcastle's Quayside and the general merriment had by all. On occasions of national importance it would have been common for celebrations to have been held on the Quay with food and drink provided by the town.

There seems to be some confusion surrounding authorship of this song. Allan's Tyneside's Songs attribute the song to John Selkirk, however Fordyce states the song to be the work of John Shield.

This song is part of the John Bell Collection.


Notes : Dated 'June 1st, 1814'


Collection description : A collection of broadsheets on various subjects, with accompanying press cuttings and manuscript notes in the hand of John Bell.

Collector : Bell, John (b.1783 d.1864)

Collection date : 1824 - 1860


First line : Lord 'sizes leuks weel in coach shinin'

Subject heading : festivities

Keywords : Napoleonic Wars, 1800-1815 & peace & celebrations

Period : 1801-1840

Subject : Bob Cranky


Height : 24 cm

Width : 7 cm

Held by : Newcastle University

Copyright : Item reproduced by kind permission of Newcastle University


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