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October 10, 2009

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We produce two 60-minute Focus talking newspapers a week, in addition to our audio magazine Sounds Northern.

Wednesday Focus: Wednesday's tape has 30 minutes of news, ranging from national and world stories to regional news from the north-east. The magazine on side two always starts with some quiz questions, on any imaginable topic from fictional detectives to facts about biscuits. We also have interviews, short stories, and features about whatever takes our fancy.

Saturday Focus: On Saturday listeners receive a selection of more national, international and regional news. On the second side of the tape is a 30-minute magazine, with a light-hearted look at all that's new from the world of science. This is followed by features on anything from ancient history to biographies, or even tales of walking in exotic places around the world. And we finish with a preview of the coming week's radio highlights.

The Rev Tony Farrar, a Methodist minister, is a regular contributor to AIRS tapes. Here is an extract from our tapes, in which he ponders the question of identity.

This programme is available in Mp3 format. Because it plays in its own stand alone player you can browse and listen at the same time. Just click the MP3 button to start.
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What’s On
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