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January 08, 2010

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Welcome to AIRS, Access to Information and Reading Services.

We are delighted to announce that Ann Ruddick has been awarded an MBE for her voluntary service to visually-impaired people.  Listen to an interview with Ann on our AIRS Podcast page.

AIRS Talking Newspaper Service

Our talking newspaper and magazine service is available free to anyone in Gateshead who has difficulty reading print. Our service is also available on paid subscription to anyone outside the borough.

Our full service consists of three 60 minute tapes per week, delivered to listeners' homes on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in returnable yellow wallets. Postage is free, and listeners return the tapes (in their own time) by simply reversing the address label on the tape wallet and popping them back in the post. 

Wednesday Focus - talking newspaper
Fridays - Sounds Northern audio magazine
Saturday Focus - talking newspaper
Overall, our service is friendly and relatively informal in tone, and we encourage feedback from our listeners.

To try an audio sample of the service, please go to the individual audio magazine or newspaper page from the menu bar.

AIRS Transcription Services

We offer a comprehensive transcription service which includes the conversion of text to Braille, large print and audio formats, and tactile maps and plans.

We transcribe all kinds of information, from a birthday card or invitation through to multiple copies of newsletters or company literature, for organisations all over the UK.

We give every attention to detail and to making the information as accessible as possible for the person who will be using it.

Our service also includes the binding of Braille and large print documents, fast copying and full recording facilities. Our staff can offer advice on all areas of transcription, scripting, editing, recording and distribution.

Accessible Information and Library Services

Through our Information Assistant (Braille) and Information Assistant (British Sign Language), we work with colleagues to ensure that library and other Council services are accessible for sensory impaired people. We also deliver accessibility awareness training to Libraries & Arts staff. For more information, see our Services for Visually Impaired People and Services for Deaf People pages.

Gateshead Central Library
Prince Consort Road
Tel: 0191 433 8450
Fax: 0191 477 7852
Minicom: 0191 478 4839
SMS (text only): 07887 628004
E-mail: [email protected]



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